Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Marketing-PPC

Search engine marketing (SEM)-PPC- is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.SEM may incorporate search engine optimization (SEO), which adjusts or rewrites website content and site architecture to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance pay per click (PPC) listings.


In 2007, U.S. advertisers spent US $24.6 billion on search engine marketing. In Q2 2015, Google (73.7%) and the Yahoo/Bing (26.3%) partnership accounted for almost 100% of U.S. search engine spend. As of 2006, SEM was growing much faster than traditional advertising and even other channels of online marketing. Managing search campaigns is either done directly with the SEM vendor or through an SEM tool provider. It may also be self-serve or through an advertising agency. As of October 2016, Google leads the global search engine market with a market share of 89.3%. Bing comes second with a market share of 4.36%, Yahoo comes third with a market share of 3.3%, and Chinese search engine Baidu is fourth globally with a share of about 0.68%.

1. Keyword Planning paid Keywords-

  • Keywords Insertion
  • Paid Compaigns on Page Optimization
  • Paid Compaigns Major Terms
  • MCC Account- My Cleint Center

2. Campaign Designing-

  • Agroup Designing
  • Ad Making
  • Adding Keywords
  • Negative Keywords

3. Sitelinks and Extentions-

  • Sitelinks
  • Site extentions
  • mobile extentions
  • Geo Targeting of Ads
  • Compaign Optimization
  • Targeting Mobile Devices

4. Conversion and Bidding

  • Conversion code Installation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Live Bidding

4. Display Compaign-

  • Display Compaigns
  • Display Planner
  • Contexual Display Advertising
  • Contexual Managed Advertising
  • Display Managed Advertising
  • CPC Management

4. Remarketing and Web Marketing-

  • Remarketing
  • Retargeting
  • Rebranding to Targeted Traffic
  • Google PLA
  • Google You Tube-B
  • Google Mobile Web Marketing
  • Google Mobile App Marketing

4. Reporting and Google Partner-

  • Reporting
  • Fraud Click Analysis
  • Enhanced Compaigning
  • Google Analytics Linking
  • Account Sharing and Permissions
  • Billing
  • How to become Google Partner

4. PPC and Software Tools-

  • Cost Per Acquisition management
  • Auction Insights
  • Segmentation
  • Day Parting
  • Filters
  • Labelling
  • Change History
  • Automation
  • Account Access
  • Compaign automation advanced
  • Advanced Compaign Low Cost Advertising
  • Advanced Compaign Broad Stategies
  • Competition Analysis Softwares
  • Ispionage, semrush and others